Canada Reads 2015, baby! Let’s go!

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

Canada Reads is officially back with a new host, new panelists, and new challenging books! Ah, diversity. I am going to be busy until March 19th. This year I’ve decided to immerse myself into the  experience entirely and actually read all of the books before the show. I think that fits right into the Reader Harder spirit… but don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about that goal either.

Here are my favourite moments from today’s big reveal:

  • Craig Kielburger is a panelist — The dude! After a childhood of exposure to Kielburger’s many efforts to make the world much better with Free the Children, I’m looking forward to hearing his thoughts on Indigenous issues in Canada. 
  • Ru and An Inconvenient Indian made it in! — Way to go Canada! You get me.
  • “Vapid gossip columnist defending a novel for teens” — Oh, Lainey. You’ve got them right where you want them. I love seeing a new side from the woman who I usually only think of as a host on eTalk. She is a journalist. Never forget that. I am also completely guilty of treating YA novels with condescension (a habit I’m trying to break) so I am intrigued by a YA novel which isn’t a movie that is being talked about by adults. 
  • Diversity, diversity everywhere! — The panelists are diverse, the books are diverse, the authors are diverse, and the hosts are both part of the Indigenous community. Holy jeez, can this be everyday life? 
  • Eloquence incarnate — Sometimes I get tired of lazy sentences. Maybe you have to think a little bit harder, but isn’t that what a diverse vocabulary for? Expressing apt thoughts for a world of dazzlingly unique moments? No?