Introducing Lattes with Ladies!

So, I haven’t been able to post a review for a while and I’ve realized that with my schedule the way it is, I can’t really keep up this blog on reviews alone — and I wouldn’t want to! I’ve made quite a few posts about my reading life which have gone over well and it got me thinking about what makes hearing about someone’s reading life so interesting.

Reading is considered a private endeavor, but at the same time there are book clubs, there are online review boards, and even avid fan communities. Everyone has been impacted by reading in one shape or form, and what you read can say a lot about you. That’s why there is such a fascination with sharing what we read. It’s why we like to hear about what books celebrities read or you try to spy the title of a stranger’s book as you pass by them.

That’s why I’ve created an exciting new segment: Lattes with Ladies! This is a series of interviews I will be doing with some talented and lovely women about their reading lives. I chose women specifically because I joined the Young Women in Business – Toronto chapter at the beginning of the year and since then I’ve come to know so many bright, insightful and funny women who I just want to talk to more.

Not to mention, these are the kinds of conversations I often have with my own female friends but it never appears that way in mainstream media. The representation of what women like to read and talk about is still woefully stereotyped. I might not be changing the face of Hollywood but I can certainly pass the Bechdel test here at Hot Pepper Latte.

Lattes with Ladies will launch next week, starting with the wonderful Victoria Stacey. I have a line-up of diverse and interesting ladies to follow who will share the books that inspire them, that are shaping their careers, and that capture their imagination.

Stay tuned! If you know of anyone who would be interested in meeting for lattes comment below.