Top 10 Bookstagrammers you need to follow

Ah, #Bookstagram. That wonderful world of photos of books and avid readers on the hunt for their next beautiful, great read. I only discovered bookstagram myself a little while ago, but since then I can’t get enough. In fact, you can follow me @hplreads to see some bookstagrams of my own. My favourite thing about bookstagram is that it is such a diverse and welcoming community. You don’t have to look far to discover booklovers from all around the world.

Here are my Top 10 bookstagrammer accounts to follow if you’re looking to get your fill of book glamour worldwide.


Alyssa is a book blogger based in Vancouver and her passion for reading and publishing has led her to capture all of your favourite locales to read in. She is great to check out if you live on or are planning a visit to the West Coast. She has great taste in coffee too.



You can watch the seasons change on Yeldah’s account! Not to mention she is another Canadian bookstagrammer and often features the best of Canlit like the Giller Prize nominees.



Not your typical bookstagram! Rachel Hulan started this account as part of her book Hey Harry, Hey Matilda which came out this past January. Each image is related to emails exchanged between Harry and Matilda, twins, who are both going through tough times romantically and career-wise. I totally recommend checking it out before reading the novel. It’s definitely on my TBR list.



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Based out of London, @triinbooks calls herself “one of the first Bookstagrammers” and with 37.4k followers you can certainly tell! I love her account for how her photos aren’t overly orchestrated. She also just had a beautiful baby girl so there will certainly be cute pics of babies and books coming.



Mathilde lives in Paris and has an adorable cat named Bobby who often features in her posts. Simple and very ~aesthetic~ I always look forward to seeing her posts come up in my feed. Plus, she is very active in the Bookstagram community and has created an awesome guide to English bookstores in Paris for the travel and book loving.



Tamsien takes great #shelfies and photos from libraries around the world although she is based in Melbourne. She hosts @kindredreaders, an online book club getting back to the community roots of bookstagram.



All these bookstagrammers from across the world bring me joy! Not to mention they are so multi-talented. Vy makes literary lip balms when she isn’t taking gorgeous photos of books and mugs and treats. Her account is definitely goals.



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I’m not much of a YA or fantasy reader but @sapphire.reads really sells me on the lifestyle. She also takes lots of bookstagrams of the Harry Potter series and Tolkien for all fans of the classics.



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This Bay area resident picked a very apropos handle. You will find many delicious photos of coffee and books that will make you want to curl up in your own local coffee shop.



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Ola is a blogger and student in Poland. I love that her posts feature books in other languages, they’re a good reminder that reading is an international act. Plus, you may even pick up a few words since she posts in both Polish and English.

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