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  • When to give up on a book

    It’s pretty common for people to struggle with finishing books and there have been many cases made for the benefits of seeing a book from discovering one rectifying moment to showing respect for the craftmanship of the work. But I’ve been struggling with a very different problem: what to do when a book simply disagrees with […]

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  • Canada Reads 2015, baby! Let’s go!

    I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! Canada Reads is officially back with a new host, new panelists, and new challenging books! Ah, diversity. I am going to be busy until March 19th. This year I’ve decided to immerse myself into the  experience entirely and actually read all of the books before the show. […]

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  • The Art of Shelving (A Cure to Tsundoku)


    I’ve recently learned the Japanese word tsundoku which translates to “book pile” and has been drifting around the bookish realms of the internet lately. It also has its origins in a pun (which I I can appreciate!) but tsundoku finally gives me a way to express a condition which I’ve been suffering from: I have more […]

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  • Freedom to Read Week 2014

    It’s Freedom to Read Week! Sponsored by the Book and Periodical Council, this is a great celebration of the right to read books and judge for yourself the content of the material. You can read more about events celebrating the week throughout the country on their website, and even download a Freedom to Read Kit […]

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  • Authors on Twitter


    Many authors have taken to Twitter and shown the world that in 140 characters you can say a lot–and use proper grammar to boot! About a year ago, The Guardian challenged authors write a 140 character novel on Twitter. You can check out the article here. I personally enjoy Ian Rankin’s.  Inspired, I decided to […]