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  • The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill

    The Book of Negroes

    I only wrote this review a few months ago, but there has been an exciting new development in the real world which Lawrence Hill drew inspiration from. The Nova Scotia government has released the real Book of Negroes as an open data set for researchers or anyone to use really. You can see a digitized […]

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  • FOLD + Lawrence Hill Live!

    Lawrence Hill with Farzana Doctor

    Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to hear Lawrence Hill in conversation with Farzana Doctor as part of FOLD, the Festival of Literary Diversity. I found out about FOLD late so I was only able to drop by on Sunday afternoon, but I was very excited to check out a festival dedicated to diversity […]

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  • Truth & Bright Water by Thomas King

    Truth and Bright Water by Thomas King

    I picked up my copy of Truth & Bright Water at the 2015 Hagey Lecture featuring Thomas King. His lecture entitled “Love in the Time of Cholera: Canadian Edition” was moving, topical, and, of course, exceedingly funny. Meeting authors I adore is always a panic-filled moment for me. I fear that meeting my hero may reveal a […]

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  • Canada Reads 2015, baby! Let’s go!

    I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! Canada Reads is officially back with a new host, new panelists, and new challenging books! Ah, diversity. I am going to be busy until March 19th. This year I’ve decided to immerse myself into the  experience entirely and actually read all of the books before the show. […]

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  • The Art of Shelving (A Cure to Tsundoku)


    I’ve recently learned the Japanese word tsundoku which translates to “book pile” and has been drifting around the bookish realms of the internet lately. It also has its origins in a pun (which I I can appreciate!) but tsundoku finally gives me a way to express a condition which I’ve been suffering from: I have more […]