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  • Am I reading the right books?


    I can’t shake the feeling that I’m not reading the right books. When plied with the question “Have you read…?” I almost always shrink with embarrassment because the answer is usually, “No I haven’t.” When asked to recommend a good book to someone I struggle because my reading choices are often miscellaneous, ranging from popular […]

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  • Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

    Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

    Roxane Gay’s essay collection, Bad Feminist, is essential reading. The professor cum Twitter personality works through the question: “How do we reconcile the imperfections of feminism with all the good it can do?” Beginning with herself, Gay presents the body of a black woman as a platform for analysis, examining the politics of that state […]

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  • In Defense of the Beach Read

    Photo by Freddie Marriage

    I had a conversation with a friend a week ago about what I was reading now that the semester is over which brought us to a confounding realization: the lofty works of literature we had been dying to pick up for months now were too depressing.  Were they well-written? Yes. Were they interesting and thought-provoking? […]