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  • No-No Boy by John Okada

    No-No Boy by John Okada

    I picked up John Okada’s No-No Boy in the Alcatraz Island gift shop when I was visiting San Francisco. It was part of a display about the time period that Alcatraz prison existed in, and when I found out that Okada’s novel is considered the first Asian-American novel I knew it was going to be my choice […]

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  • The Shepherd’s Life by James Rebanks

    Shepherds Life

    I first heard about James Rebanks through his Twitter account @herdyshepherd1 which features beautiful photos of his flock and brought the rural Lake District of England into my daily life. The Shepherd’s Life is Rebanks’ first novel, a memoir told in seasons, capturing the traditional farming lifestyle he was born and raised into. His story and sense […]

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  • The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill

    The Book of Negroes

    I only wrote this review a few months ago, but there has been an exciting new development in the real world which Lawrence Hill drew inspiration from. The Nova Scotia government has released the real Book of Negroes as an open data set for researchers or anyone to use really. You can see a digitized […]

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  • Read Harder #1: Romance

    Far from the Maddening Crowd by Thomas Hardy

    Merry Christmas everyone! I’ve finally decided which category to kick off #ReadHarder 2015 with Romance.  Holidays are a fun, laid back time to spend with family and friends so I thought something light and uplifting would be a good fit for the season. I had originally been aiming to complete the ‘Prior to 1850’ category to […]