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  • Monoceros by Suzette Mayr

    Monoceros by Suzette Mayr

    Lately, I’ve been challenging myself to read more outside of my comfort zone. When I spotted Monoceros‘ beautiful cover on the discount shelf at TYPE Books, I thought why not give it a shot? I read the summary on the back and it seemed alright. I was not disappointed! Inside was a beautiful and tragic story. Unfortunately, […]

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  • An Ode to Festivals

    Canlit festival swag

    The Word on the Street book and magazine festival hits the Harbourfront this Sunday, September 25, 2016. After four years of attending, I decided to spice things up this year and volunteer for the first time! If you’ve never attended Word on the Street you should definitely check it out this weekend. Literary festivals are […]

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  • Am I reading the right books?


    I can’t shake the feeling that I’m not reading the right books. When plied with the question “Have you read…?” I almost always shrink with embarrassment because the answer is usually, “No I haven’t.” When asked to recommend a good book to someone I struggle because my reading choices are often miscellaneous, ranging from popular […]

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  • In Defense of the Beach Read

    Photo by Freddie Marriage

    I had a conversation with a friend a week ago about what I was reading now that the semester is over which brought us to a confounding realization: the lofty works of literature we had been dying to pick up for months now were too depressing.  Were they well-written? Yes. Were they interesting and thought-provoking? […]

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  • When to give up on a book

    It’s pretty common for people to struggle with finishing books and there have been many cases made for the benefits of seeing a book from discovering one rectifying moment to showing respect for the craftmanship of the work. But I’ve been struggling with a very different problem: what to do when a book simply disagrees with […]